Day 1 : What activity in your life lights you up with joy?

Writing letters / wildlife photography / street photography

  • Writing letters

Letters are quite personal – it requires effort and with each word you write, you think of the person that you are writing to. After you give that letter, you experience this childish curiosity about what they felt about it. ย This sea of emotions makes writing letter such a joyful experience.

Receiving the letter, on the other hand, gives one a different type of joy. The joy of knowing that someone was willing to put in effort and time to make something so personalised for you. It’s really heartwarming. Both for the sender and recipient.

  • Wildlife Photography

Spending time in the nearby park or zoo, focusing my energy on the innumerable expressions of animals gives me great comfort. Each photo has its own story – this uniques series of actions before the shutter captures that moment. It’s impossible – or awfully difficult to replicate the same photograph. In a way, this activity teaches me patience, appreciation and how “history repeats itself” comes with variations. Although this started off as a hobby, I don’t get much time to pursue it. The rare chances that I doooooooo, I love them!


  • Street Photography

I didn’t get into street photography until I was in Secondary 4 – which would be last year. This was a photography style that completely relied on what you deemed as interesting, required spontaneity as well as going out of your comfort zone. In a way, it was the most eye-opening experiences I have had – when you look through the camera lens, there’s a whole new world, waiting to be interpreted…by you. It makes you feel significant. You also start noticing things (e.g. signs) that you would have never taken notice of before. You had to be quick, so as to not lose that moment. You had to be creative, so that the shot doesn’t look ordinary and how you come with the interpretations.



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