Day 2 : If a relationship or job makes you unhappy, do you choose to stay or leave?

This question is actually really good.

I was always told to not stand for things that made you unhappy. Be it an activity, as person, a job or anything, I still hold the right to leave. Leaving is never easy, considering the repercussions.

SO what would I do? What would Shrey do?

I’d leave relationships…for most cases. There are exceptions (duh!). I leave relationships that don’t seem to have a purpose – basically my friendships in primary and secondary schools. How about those friendships that hurt me? I’d leave. I don’t like feeling vulnerable. In view that I’m not that affected by a lot of things, I’m not that easily hurt. So I’m vulnerable if you are able to hurt me. No one likes to put themselves in harm’s way – especially if it’s going to be a journey of sadness and pain. However, if the person means more than the hurt, if you know the person made a genuine mistake, I would be more than open to forgiving the person. It will take time to rebuild the relationship but all’s not lost. However, this only applies to a handful of people in my life.

How about jobs? This depends on the stakes. Let’s say there’s a high-paying job which lands you a nice apartment, good travelling opportunities etc. but with some sort of bad luck, you end up with a sensitive boss who swears and verbally abuses you because of mishaps. Now people, who have low tolerance, will leave the job. I won’t. I would stay on. There is a few reasons to this. What are you going to do after leaving the job after making such a hasty decisions? Do you have a back-up plan? Probably not. Especially seeing this is your dream job, can you really bear to leave it? ย Even if you don’t end up doing something you love, the first two questions still apply. I would only leave, if I know I can get another job for sure. The feeling of stability is crucial for me. Although some can live in the moment and ‘go with the flow’, I can never do it.

Day 2 complete.



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