The Lone Ranger – The Re-interpretation

The lone ranger is well…alone.

It’s better to say she prefers to be alone.


Alone in the sea of people

everywhere she goes

everywhere she went

As other found others of their kind

comfort in standing by herself.

What some may call “being alone”


Does that mean she has no one?

The ones she depended on are now far away.

Far away as in

different schools

different levels

different corridors

different classrooms

She was never truly alone.

She is never alone.


The fear of commitment in a friendship.

Does she lack confidence?

In herself? In the friend? in the friendship?

or is she just not trying hard enough?

The aid of her perception-

“Why form bonds that may only last a few years and

then cease to never exist.”

She believes…

she is the one making it hard for herself.

This is undeniably the truth.


History has always repeated itself.

It will, even in the future.

The lone ranger will continue her pursuit…

in search of solitude.


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