Day 4: Who is your greatest role model?

I have given up doing this daily as I didn’t want my hobby to feel like a chore. I’m going to write regularly and I’m also not going to be following the numbered bullet list as some topics need more thinking , than the others. I’ll keep those topics for later. As for today, we’ll just go with the topic of role models.

My definition of a role model is someone who I aspire to be like. Someone who has qualities that I wish to portray in the future me. I have had different role models while growing up as I kept changing who I wanted to be like in the future. Now is no different. I don’t know if my interest would fade, and I may end up, having another role model. Who knows, amirite?

As for now, my main role model in life is someone from k-pop (ooh wait for the disses). From one of the most popular bands in the current Kpop scene, my role model is Bangtan Sonyeondan’s (BTS) Kim Namjoon. Better known as Rap Monster which is his stage name, he is the leader and main rapper for his band. He has been my role model for the past year and a half & for innumerable reasons.

Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 10.32.57.png
Screencap from Blood, Sweat & Tears MV 2016

I’ll just list out of the reasons, and if need be, I’ll elaborate a bit more.

  • He’s really smart, like really really smart.

Rap Monster is known for his intelligence. He achieved an 850 on TOEIC when he was in junior high. He was part of the top 1.3% of South Korea in the preparatory university entrance exams for language, math, foreign language and social studies, and has an intelligence quotient of 148. Alongside his native language Korean, he is also fluent in English. He’s also part of the show – Problematic Men (a show that gathers intelligent celebrities to solve mind-boggling riddles), that kind of speaks for itself.

  •  He is multi-talented.

Namjoon is not only the leader of the band, but was also an underground rapper, currently main rapper, composes & produces songs for his solo career and his band.

  • He admits to his mistakes and reflects on them.

Namjoon has been caught in a couple of controversies, as some of his pieces are said to sound too similar to other artistes. Some artistes would avoid the blame and not address it. Namjoon promptly replied and apologised for such occurrences. It is hard to admit to such accusations and I really admire his guts that is needed to accept and repent. Namjoon also reflects about life and past decisions often, sharing his thoughts with his fans over Twitter.

  • He has opinions that may not be popular, but still stands by what he believes in.

Korea is still a little conservative when it comes to topics like sexuality. As a result, many artistes avoid the topic so that they do not get involved in the controversy. Namjoon however has openly shown his support to the lgbtq+ community. Although some were baffled, he did not falter .

  • He’s caring towards his members.

Like duh, he’s a leader. However, what sets him apart, was this one hidden camera prank. Namjoon was given the choice to choose what was more important- his solo career or BTS. He said BTS without even thinking, which shows his undying commitment to the band. Who would forgo their chance of being famous as a solo artist? He did. & that’s remarkable.

  • His lyrics represent who he is, it doesn’t accommodate to majority’s wants.

He wrote songs like ‘Too Much’, ‘Drifting’ & ‘Voice’ – all songs about his experiences of life. It doesn’t fit into popular themes of k-pop, which is one of the biggest reasons these songs are not that well known. But the meaning behind these songs is really eye-opening.

  • He was the only one who stayed on this journey of endless training with no debut in sight.

He was training for 10 years under his company. Many of his fellow rappers discontinued. He was the only member for many months before being joined by talented artistes.This brings about a lot doubts as an aspiring artiste. Will I even debut? How much more, how much longer? It would have been easier to give up and pursue something else, since he was young and smart. He didn’t, he kept at it for 10 arduous years. He did it, and that wait did pay off, as seen by their exponentially growing popularity.

  • He likes philosophy and poems.

I mean, what’s there not to like about someone who appreciates literary art.

  • He is caring towards his parents.

All in all, Namjoon motivated me, not only in my O’s but now as well. He makes me strive to be a better person, not only as a student but as a friend and as a daughter to my parents.  He is someone I want to be like in the future. Rationally, putting aside the fact that he’s my ultimate in any k-pop band, his very intelligence and manner would inspire me. I hope, as time goes by, I’ll be someone better. Better like Namjoon…or maybe my future role model.



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