What is love to me?

A senior of mine did this, which really opened my eyes. It was  just short expressions what love means to him. It seemingly has one universal meaning, but look closer, maybe yours is different.

The word -love- is mistakenly assumed as something that is mostly used between couples. Think about it, you can love anyone, anything or any place. It’s endless. Depending on one, the expression can have multiple recipients or a single item.

What is love to you?

What is love to me?

To me, love is Batman. (Okay, let’s be realistic)

Love is being in a cafe, curled up in a warm seat by the window as raindrops trickle down the window pane.

Love is the lights that shine in the darkness, or maybe it’s the darkness that permits lights to shine.

Love is the texture of books, actual paper pages, not screens of hidden code.

Love is the journeys to school.

Love is all those polaroids I look at to reminisce.

Love is when I express myself through photography or writing.

Love is the bus trips I take, alone for me for me to think.

Love is the work that I take pride in, upon completion despite the obstacles.

Love is the little things about you, that sets you apart from any other individual.

Love is seeing you after a long break.

Love is the advice you give, so that maybe I wouldn’t have such a hard time.

Love is the time you set out from your overwhelming schedules and deadlines. just for me, just to have a simple conversation to show me that I am indeed important to you.

Love is taking care of me, despite unimaginable distance between us.

Love is treating me like one of your own, even when nothing threads us together yet.

Love is opening up to you, for a problem shared is a problem halved.

Love is the inspiration you give with your actions.

Love is our forever under-construction relationship, that faced not only milestones but storms of its own.

Love is the relief I feel when I know you aren’t hurt or sad.

Love is the care we express in our encouragements to each other.

Love is finding happiness in making you smile.

Love is the company & attention we give each other as we converse.

Love is the conversations we have without words.

Love is that arm around me, which signifies a lot – support, comfort, trust.

Love is the hand-written letters I have to remind me that maybe, I am not as alone as I think I am.

Love is the sadness I feel when I have to bid you good-bye.

Love is my loss of rationality when it comes to anything related to you.

Love is the grief I feel when I try to imagine my future without you in it.

Love is our inside jokes and the odd nicknames we share.

Love is the fear I feel when there is an elongated silence between us, throwing me into a pit of fear and worry about whether it was something I had done.

Love is the shyness I experience with every first with you.

Love is the protected feeling I get when you take care of me or hug me.

Love is the urge to hug you, keep you close to tell you that everything is going to be okay .

Love is what I felt when I let go of us, to find happiness in singularity than pain in doubles.

Love is that lingering feeling when I say good night to you at 2/3am after a long conversation of our feelings and what matters to us.

Love is when I think about you, staring at the dark ceiling in the dark, about all the what ifs.


Ultimately to me, love is what makes me really thankful to be here at this point in time – my favourite activities, sights, all the time I spend with you, the places I go with you, and the union of you & I. In the form of self-awareness, sibling-ship, friendship, relationship, etc. What matters, love is us.

You and I. Us.

& Us = Love.



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