For those you have not read the book Demian by Hermann Hesse,

Demian is a book surrounding the narrator Sinclair and his journey throughout his youth. Sinclair struggles in between two worlds in every context, two realms as he puts it. In one world, righteousness thrives as God is their leader. In another, every corner, every element reeks of evil for it is the abode of Satan. In one world, it’s illusion that is shown & in another, it’s the real world – the world of spiritual truth. Throughout the book, his interactions with Max Demian and other mentoring figures would cause him to cut off his ties to superficial ideals of the world and introduces him to several stages in realisation of self.

Let me be real honest here, I didn’t know about Demian until BTS’ concept was released. What started out as curiosity as a fan, has now led me to have withdrawals. Not from the music video, but from the concept, content, the idea that the book propagated.

Now to what I’m really going to talk about, Abraxas. Abraxas only had a short stint in the book, just telling Sinclair of his new found path. Yet, he impacted me in ways unimaginable. Minutes going on to hours, I can’t help thinking about Abraxas and what he stands for.

According to psychologist Carl Jung, the perception of God has three stages.

  1. God appears undifferentiated.
  2. perception of a belovent god and an evil devil – both are separated to the extent the devil would always be destroyed.
  3. Integration of God & Devil – Abraxas (Photo credit: Scrawlddesign)

From onetinleg.com

In the book, there are definitive quotes about Abraxas and his background.

The bird rights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world. The bird flies to God. That God’s name is Abraxas.

In this case, the bird was Sinclair. Being reborn as someone with greater understanding of reality, he had to now destroy the previous world he lived in. The world that preached only of god’s greatness, the protection he received to keep him away from evil. Sinclair now had a new leader, a new god that he subscribed to – Abraxas.

It was the image of an angel and Satan, man and woman in one flesh, man and beast, the highest good and the worst evil.

This quote essentially introduces and highlights that the greek god, Abraxas was the middle ground of two extremes.

he is God and Satan and he contains both the luminous and the dark world. Abraxas does not take exception to any of your thoughts, any of your dreams. Never forget that. But he will leave you once you’ve become blameless and normal. Then he will leave you and look for a different vessel in which to brew his thoughts

Abraxas is in our every thought and action. Good and evil in everything we do and think. However, once you begin to destroy your vices to become one with no faults, you no longer subscribe to Abraxas. He shall no longer lead you in your journey and instead, would find someone more worthy of his efforts and beliefs.

 Quote not from Demian:

Abraxas begetteth truth and lying, good and evil, light and darkness in the same word and in the same act. Wherefore is Abraxas terrible.


Why Abraxas amazed me was simply because of the possibility of the combination of good and evil and yet be celebrated as a God. It carried a similar concept of the taoist Yin-Yang symbol – essentially representing presence of an element of the opposite. When opposites are to be placed together, it’s complementary, incomplete without its other half – interdependent.

For the past few years, ever since I renounced any religious belonging, it got me thinking – why was only good celebrated. Who decides what is good. In a way, the good brings about the evil. With light comes darkness. With knowledge comes doubt. The world doesn’t function only upon the good or the evil. It’s a mixture of both. Likewise with man, he cannot be only good. An attempt would be ridiculous. If we were to follow god’s way, shouldn’t He then be a closer representation of man. Gods are people we look up to, role-models essentially. With this in mind, crediting only the good didn’t make much sense to me. The vices, evil, vermin needed their own set of equal credit. Abraxas was the celebration of this beautiful combination.


In which both

God and Satan combine

The racemic mixture of

righteousness & sinfulness

To be normal would be

to drive away all vices

to reach enlightenment

Instead, harness these vices &

make them truly yours

Harness your goodness,

to do good

but never forget that you

too have a devil in you

A devil with desires

oppress those that do harm

let loose those that would define you

Never ever feel guilty

for your desires

They’re a part of you.

your existence,

your individuality.

Let your subconscious

lead you in your path

where you truly aspire to be

Fret not, your destination

is the answer of your fervent prayers.

Let him thrive.

Drive him away not.

For you fear the unknown, the evil

Shun him away not.

For everyone has his own Abraxas

Let him loose to your version

of reality and let the

fateful journey begin.

A man needs direction. A god can give you direction you crave for. Atheists have science and logic as their gods whereas others have a figure that they call god in many different forms. I’m still a freethinker at the end of this, I support science and logic. How I have really changed is in my perception – only good was to be celebrated as god – has been crushed. I have come to become more curious of Abraxas – that made it that much more special for me.


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