According to science, we were born with only two fears – fears of falling from heights and loud noises. Yet today, I can’t seem to find the end of my list of fears. I was afraid. I am afraid. I will be afraid. Nothing changes except the fact that I do. & everyone does, with […]

Coping with Anxiety

According to Dr T.A. Richards, we can stop thoughts that lead to anxiety by consciously replacing them by more rational thoughts like the following: When Anxiety is Near: 1. I’m going to be all right. My feelings are not always rational. I’m just going to relax, calm down, and everything will be all right. 2. […]

It rains

The chill air hits me. It wakes me right up from my slumber. I shudder, yet I don’t flinch away. I love how it feels against my skin, cold yet so tantalising & I fall in love with this moment. The rain has this special thing only it can do, the way it sounds as […]


For those you have not read the book Demian by Hermann Hesse,

Demian is a book surrounding the narrator Sinclair and his journey throughout his youth. Sinclair struggles in between two worlds in every context, two realms as he puts it. In one world, righteousness thrives as God is their leader. In another, every corner, every element reeks of evil for it is the abode of Satan. In one world, it’s illusion that is shown & in another, it’s the real world – the world of spiritual truth. Throughout the book, his interactions with Max Demian and other mentoring figures would cause him to cut off his ties to superficial ideals of the world and introduces him to several stages in realisation of self.

Let me be real honest here, I didn’t know about Demian until BTS’ concept was released. What started out as curiosity as a fan, has now led me to have withdrawals. Not from the music video, but from the concept, content, the idea that the book propagated.

Now to what I’m really going to talk about, Abraxas. Abraxas only had a short stint in the book, just telling Sinclair of his new found path. Yet, he impacted me in ways unimaginable. Minutes going on to hours, I can’t help thinking about Abraxas and what he stands for.

According to psychologist Carl Jung, the perception of God has three stages.

  1. God appears undifferentiated.
  2. perception of a belovent god and an evil devil – both are separated to the extent the devil would always be destroyed.
  3. Integration of God & Devil – Abraxas (Photo credit: Scrawlddesign)

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